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I previously wrote for Soccerscene, a Business-to-Business football publication.

I have written about a wide variety of subjects including, but not limited to: Climate change activism, politics, sports, local news, E-sports, and more.

I am an ethical and dedicated journalist committed to delivering factually accurate public interest journalism.

Experienced in several different facets of journalism including audio/radio, broadcast, and feature-writing.

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SES responds to jobs after huge storm

Victoria’s State Emergency Services (SES) are continuing to respond to hundreds of calls for help including power outages, fallen trees, and building damage across Melbourne’s South-East after a storm and wild winds hit on Friday 29 October. Shaun Caulfield from Lilydale SES said the damage was still nowhere near as extensive as the June storms. Mr Caulfield said as the weather calms the SES will respond to as many jobs as they can before the expected next wave of bad weather comes through. “

Vice-President Harris meets with Indian Prime Minister Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has met with Vice-President Kamela Harris at a security summit in the United States The historic meeting is the first time an Indian Prime Minister has met with the highest ranking Indian-American politician, and the first time Prime Minister Modi and Vice President Harris have met. Vice-President Harris is the first South East Asian to hold the office in the United States, as well as the first woman. While Harris condemned Modi during the 2019 presidenti

FIFA's mission to expand the World Cup will only damage it

With 166 member nations of FIFA voting to explore the concept of a two-year cycle for the World Cup, questions need to be asked whether too much of a good thing will destroy what makes the competition special. One of the best parts of the World Cup is the spectacle of it all. The elite quality of the tournament is already being watered down with the changes to the format, with 48 teams instead of 32. While allowing more teams in will create new markets for the competition, it isn’t like the Wo

National Futsal Championships to return in 2022

Football Australia has announced today the return of the National Futsal Championship (NFC) in 2022. Football Queensland (FQ) will host the 2022 championship, followed by Football Victoria (FV) for the 2023 edition. Football Australia CEO James Johnson said he looks forward to growing futsal’s footprint in Australia after outlining a vision for a national program. “As part of our clear strategic agenda, we outlined a vision to create a national program for futsal and beach soccer by working c

What will a National Second Tier mean for the NPL?

As the concept of a National Second Tier becomes a reality in Australia, there are questions on what the removal of the biggest clubs will mean for the State League competitions. Football Australia are still discussing and workshopping the format of the concept, and how it operates and coexists with the National Premier Leagues (NPL) is one of the biggest questions. When the NPL was created in 2013, the aim was to standardise the State League competitions across Australia and serve as a second
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